Casa di Carlo Goldoni: A Journey into Venetian Theater and History

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The Casa di Carlo Goldoni is a place full of discovery that introduces you to the life and works of the famous Venetian playwright. Located between the Ponte dei Nomboli and the Ponte della Donna Onesta, this 15th-century house still retains the atmosphere and typical elements of Venetian architecture from that era.

The Venue and the History

The Casa di Carlo Goldoni, also known as Ca’ Centani, was the home where the great author was born in 1707. Belonging to the Rizzi family and later to the Zentani family, the palace also hosted an artistic-literary academy before becoming a museum dedicated to the playwright. Purchased in 1914 by Aldo Ravà, Count Piero Foscari, and Commander Antonio Pellegrini, the house was donated to the Municipality of Venice in 1931 to be transformed into a museum and center for theatrical studies.

Routes and Collections

The museum route will guide you through the rooms of the house, where you can admire the scenes and characters of Goldoni’s theater. The reproductions of the 18th-century Pasquali edition’s engravings will immerse you in the atmosphere of 18th-century Venice, while the 18th-century marionettes and the small theater will let you relive Goldoni’s childhood. You can also visit the museum’s video library and library, where you will find films and theatrical texts to deepen your knowledge of the author.

In conclusion, the Casa di Carlo Goldoni is a magical and evocative place that allows you to immerse yourself in the life and works of one of the greatest authors of Italian comedy. Come and discover this hidden treasure of Venice and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Goldoni’s theater.