Natural History Museum of Venice: discover the wonders of nature

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If you are a natural history enthusiast and find yourself in Venice, you cannot miss a visit to the Giancarlo Ligabue Venice Natural History Museum. This museum has a fascinating history dating back to the nineteenth century and offers visitors the chance to explore unique and captivating collections.

Museum History

The Venice Natural History Museum has its roots in the Civic Museum and Correr Collection, founded thanks to the generosity of the Venetian patrician Teodoro Correr. After his death in 1830, his collections were donated to the Municipality of Venice with the intent of creating a public civic museum. Over the years, the museum has been enriched through donations and acquisitions, becoming a reference point for nature lovers.

Fontego dei Turchi

The museum is housed in the striking Fontego dei Turchi building, an ancient palace dating back to the thirteenth century. Originally a patrician residence, the palace was later used by Turkish merchants as a commercial headquarters. After years of neglect, the building was restored and today it stands as one of the most picturesque sites in Venice.

The Collections

The collections of the Venice Natural History Museum represent the history of the museum itself and the research conducted by naturalists over the centuries. More than two million items make up the scientific heritage of the museum, which includes zoological, botanical, entomological collections, and much more. Thanks to these collections, the museum conducts research, educational, and exhibition activities, offering visitors a unique and engaging experience.

If you are in Venice and interested in natural history, do not miss a visit to the Giancarlo Ligabue Venice Natural History Museum. You will discover a fascinating world full of natural wonders that will leave you speechless.