National Archaeological Museum of Venice: things to see

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Welcome to the National Archaeological Museum of Venice, a place that encapsulates centuries of history and culture related to the Serenissima Republic. In this article, we will explore the main attractions and must-see works during your visit to this fascinating museum.

Museo Archeologico di Venezia. Credit: FILLI76

History and Grimani Collections

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice has its roots in the 16th century, thanks to the generous donations of Venetian families. A crucial moment in its history is the donation of the collection of ancient sculptures by Giovanni Grimani, which helped transform a private collection into a public heritage of inestimable value.

Exhibition Rooms

During your visit to the museum, you cannot miss Room I, which houses Greek inscriptions and fragments of ancient statues, including a high relief with Mithra and two Attic funerary monuments. Room II will surprise you with the museum’s numismatic collection, which includes over 9000 specimens of coins from the Greek to the Byzantine period.

Most Significant Works

Among the most significant works in the museum, we recommend admiring the Ara Grimani in Room VI, a base decorated with reliefs of satyrs and maenads from the Augustan period. In Room VIII, you will find Roman copies of Hellenistic sculptures, including the three Grimani Gauls and statues depicting Eros and Psyche.

Gallery of Portraits and Sarcophagi

Rooms IX and X host a rich collection of Roman portraits, including those of imperial family members and female portraits. Do not miss Room XI, dedicated to Roman sarcophagi and altars, with works such as the Rape of Proserpina and the battle near the ships.

Egyptian and Assyro-Babylonian Antiquities

Finally, in Room XX, you can immerse yourself in Egyptian and Assyro-Babylonian antiquities, with funerary and temple works such as mummies, statuettes of Egyptian deities, and funerary reliefs from eastern Greece.

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice is a treasure of art and history that will lead you to discover the secrets and wonders of the Serenissima. An unmissable visit for all lovers of culture and antiquity.