Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice

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The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a Renaissance masterpiece located in the charming district of Cannaregio, representing an authentic testimony of the art and spirituality that characterize the lagoon city.

History and Architecture

The history of this church dates back to the second half of the 15th century, when a votive painting commissioned to Niccolò di Pietro became an object of veneration for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The desire to erect a sacred place worthy of housing this artwork led to the construction of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, designed by the architect Pietro Lombardo and completed in 1489.

The building is distinguished by its rectangular structure, with a façade and apse overlooking Venetian fields and canals. The façade, embellished with polychrome marbles and expertly crafted sculptures, represents a true artistic masterpiece.

Exterior: a celebration of art and beauty

The façade of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is truly a spectacle for the eyes. The pilasters, blind arches, and busts of prophets and angels adorning the building create an atmosphere of sacredness and magnificence. The curved tympanum, decorated with a bust depicting the Madonna with the Child, and the bas-reliefs narrating sacred stories are just some of the wonders that can be admired on the exterior of this church.

Interior: a journey into spirituality and art

Upon crossing the threshold of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, one finds oneself immersed in an atmosphere of peace and beauty. The interior, characterized by a single nave with a decorated barrel vault, houses priceless works of art. The statues of Saint Francis, Saint Clare, the Archangel Gabriel, and the Annunciation, crafted in polychrome marble, and the miraculous painting of the Madonna with the Child are just a few of the artworks that enrich this sacred place.


The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice is much more than a simple religious building: it is a symbol of beauty, spirituality, and art. Visiting this place means immersing oneself in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, where time seems to stand still and the beauty of the details merges with the spirituality of the place. It is an experience not to be missed for anyone wanting to discover the beating heart of Venice and be enchanted by its extraordinary beauty.