The Works of Art on Display at Ca’ Rezzonico, Museum of 18th-Century VeniceInglese:

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Ca’ Rezzonico, a magical place that houses some of the most extraordinary works of art from 18th-century Venice. In this fascinating museum, every step brings you to the discovery of unique masterpieces that tell the story and beauty of an unforgettable era.

Tiepolo Room: The Genius of Giambattista Tiepolo

Giambattista Tiepolo, the undisputed master of 18th-century Venice, left an indelible mark on Ca’ Rezzonico. His works, commissioned by the Rezzonico family to celebrate their power and wealth, are true wonders. Tiepolo’s Allegory of Marriage, housed in the room of the same name, is just one of the many masterpieces you can admire in this extraordinary museum.

Nobility and Virtue: A Masterpiece Not to Be Missed

In the room entirely dedicated to Giambattista Tiepolo, you can admire the third of the four ceilings created by the artist. This canvas, coming from another Venetian palace of the Rezzonico family, is a true gem of 18th-century art. Let yourself be enchanted by Tiepolo’s mastery and immerse yourself completely in the beauty of this extraordinary work.

The Portrait of Pope Clement XIII Rezzonico: A Timeless Work

The most illustrious member of the Rezzonico family, Pope Clement XIII, was portrayed by the talented neoclassical painter Anton Raphael Mengs. This painting, executed between July and December 1758, is a genuine marvel that tells the greatness and nobility of this illustrious figure. Admire this extraordinary work up close and be transported back in time to the golden age of 18th-century Venice.

Anton Raphael Mengs: The Genius Behind the Brush

Anton Raphael Mengs, with his mastery and artistic sensitivity, captured the soul and greatness of Pope Clement XIII in an unforgettable portrait. Be fascinated by the perfection of the details and the technical skill of this extraordinary neoclassical painter.

Pastel Room: The Beauty of Rosalba Carriera

In the Pastel Room, you can admire the magnificent paintings of the Venetian painter Rosalba Carriera. The portraits of this talented artist are true masterpieces that testify to her extraordinary ability to investigate the psychology of the characters she portrayed.

Faustina Bordoni Hasse: An Unforgettable Portrait

The portrait of contralto Faustina Bordoni Hasse, created by Rosalba Carriera, is a work that will leave you speechless. Admire the mastery and sensitivity of this extraordinary painter and let yourself be transported by the beauty and elegance of this unique portrait.

Canaletto’s Views: The Magic of Venice

The works of Canaletto, the undisputed master of veduta painting, could not be missing at Ca’ Rezzonico. Admire the splendid views of Venice painted by this extraordinary artist and let yourself be transported by the magic and beauty of the Serenissima.

Grand Canal from Ca’ Balbi towards Rialto: A Spectacle Not to Be Missed

Pause for a moment in front of the view of the Grand Canal from Ca’ Balbi towards Rialto and be enchanted by the magnificence and grandeur of Venice. Discover how Canaletto managed to capture the essence and beauty of this unique city.

Longhi Room: Scenes of Everyday Life in Venice

In the room dedicated to Pietro Longhi, you can admire the small canvases depicting everyday life in 18th-century Venice. These works, rich in detail and life, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beauty of an unforgettable era.

Genre Scenes: A Journey into the Past

The works of Pietro Longhi will transport you back in time, making you live and breathe the unique and fascinating atmosphere of 18th-century Venice. Discover the habits, traditions, and emotions of an era long gone but still alive and vibrant at Ca’ Rezzonico.

The Veiled Lady by Antonio Corradini: A Timeless Masterpiece

The wonderful sculpture by Antonio Corradini, The Veiled Lady, is a work that will leave you breathless. This sculpture, which probably represents Purity, is a true gem of Baroque art and a work you will not forget.

The Sensuality of Marble: An Extraordinary Work

Be fascinated by the mastery and sensitivity of Antonio Corradini in shaping marble like a veil, conveying a unique sensuality and beauty. Admire this extraordinary sculpture up close and let yourself be transported by its beauty and elegance.

Frescoes from Villa Zianigo by Giambattista Tiepolo: A Treasure to Discover

Ca’ Rezzonico preserves and exhibits the frescoes that Giambattista Tiepolo had created for his residence in Zianigo, near Mirano. These works, a testament to the genius and creativity of this extraordinary artist, will leave you speechless.

Pulcinella: An Unforgettable Character

Discover the adventures of Pulcinella through the frescoes of Giambattista Tiepolo and be transported to a world of games, wars, and loves. These works, created for his private residence, are a testament to extraordinary art and unparalleled talent.

In conclusion, Ca’ Rezzonico is an extraordinary museum that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the art and beauty of 18th-century Venice. Discover the extraordinary works of unforgettable artists and be transported on a unique journey through time and beauty.