You have the opportunity to use the products you have purchased for a period that varies depending on the individual purchase. However, there are exceptions for those products that are valid for a specific date: for example, in the case of AVM parking, the validity date indicates the exact day when the purchased service must be used.

You have the opportunity to retrieve the PNR code by accessing the specific area of the website within the validity period of the Voucher, which varies depending on the individual product. Once this time period has passed, the purchased services will no longer be valid and, consequently, it will no longer be feasible to obtain the corresponding Voucher.

Your purchase Voucher is marked with a unique PNR code, which the Venice Visit Pass system generates automatically. This code, consisting of a combination of letters and numbers (for example, XYZ123XYZ), varies with each transaction and ensures the uniqueness of each transaction. You will find the PNR on the first page of your Voucher as well as in the confirmation email that you will receive in your email inbox.

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