No, it is not possible to receive the invoice.

You can check on this website under your past purchases.

Please check that your email inbox has not reached the capacity limits set by your email service provider, or that anti-spam filters have not been set up which may have intercepted the booking confirmation email. However, receiving such email is not essential to confirm the validity of your purchase. Venice Visit Pass assumes no responsibility for any failure to receive the confirmation email, in the event that this is due to the insertion of incorrect or invalid information in the appropriate online form for registering personal data. In any case, you have the option to attempt the recovery of your VOUCHER by following the instructions available in the FIND YOUR VOUCHER section of the website.

If the payment is successfully executed, the system will display the VOUCHER, which serves as a PAYMENT RECEIPT and provides a summary of all transactions made. It will then be necessary to print the VOUCHER, which includes the details of the purchase and instructions for ticket collection or access to services. You will also receive, within about thirty minutes of the payment, a confirmation email of the purchase that contains a link to your Voucher page.

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