The consumer acknowledges that when the contract concerns the supply of leisure-related products and services, such as ADMISSION TICKETS, which the provider undertakes to provide on a specific date or during a specified period, the RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL stipulated by Article 52 of the Consumer Code is not applicable. As for the distance selling of goods that are not Admission Tickets, the right of withdrawal is valid, unless the goods belong to categories for which the right of withdrawal is clearly excluded by Article 59 of the Consumer Code. In these cases, the right of withdrawal can be exercised within 14 days from the date the consumer physically receives the purchased good, by sending a clear communication of the decision to withdraw from the contract to our Customer Service through the support form available on the website.

You have the right to revoke the transaction without any additional costs within one hour of the purchase, using the "Cancel Voucher" option available in the "Voucher" section of the site. Complete cancellation of the Voucher is allowed provided that none of the purchased products have been previously withdrawn or used. To view your Voucher online, select "SEARCH YOUR VOUCHER". Once an hour has passed since the payment was completed, it is no longer possible to exercise the right of withdrawal, thus making it impossible to cancel the purchase, either to obtain a refund of the nominal value or to change the date. For detailed information, it is recommended to consult the Terms of Sale.

Secure Codes or 3DCodes are additional security measures for credit cards, obtained by registering the card on a specific portal (such as that of CartaSi or Mastercard), initiated by the user, or automatically activated by the bank or the issuing entity of the card. For additional details on Secure Code or 3DCode, it is advisable to contact your bank or visit the website associated with your credit card.

The CVV2 code is located on the back of your credit card, in the signature area. In this section, you will notice the last four digits of the card number, followed by three additional digits. These last three digits represent the CVV2.

The possible causes of the error could be the following:
Failure to enter the security code (also known as Secure Code or 3DCode). It is advisable to contact your bank to obtain this code.
Incorrect typing of the credit card number.
Selection of an incorrect type of card.
Entering the credit card number including spaces.
Omission of the CVV2 code.
Exceeding the spending limit available on the card, a situation that can be verified by contacting your bank.

No, you must be of legal age to purchase on Venice Visit Pass.

The security of transactions made with credit cards through our system is guaranteed: neither the providers of the services/products nor our company have access to the credit card details. These codes are used exclusively to complete the payment transactions, based on a specific amount and a unique transaction code. In case of successful payment, we receive a receipt number from our payment acceptance entity.

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